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Sizzling Hot Slot Machine Review — Free Play in Demo Mode

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lord-of-the-ocean-slot.comSlots Hot Slot Machine Review — Free Play in Demo Mode
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If it's your first time playing in an online casino, a slot machine game will likely be your very first game. Slot machines are easy to understand yet highly entertaining. One of the best games right now is the Sizzling Hot slot machine, which is a digital fruit machine aimed for veterans and new players alike. Most of the slot machine games in online casinos feature additional games. This one is for players who want to test their luck and with no extra gimmicks and bonus games. Here are the things you need to know about the Sizzling Hot slot machine's game mechanics and design.

Additional Info
  • • Launch: 3 March 2003
  • • Software: Novomatic
  • • Slot type: Video
  • • Reels: 5
  • •Min. Coin Size: 0.5 per line
  • • Max. Coin Size: 2 per line
  • • Payout %: 95.66%

Sizzling Hot Slot Review

Fruit machines are one of the favorite games in every land casino worldwide. It is simple, fun, and rewarding for players who thrive and learn the best techniques. Novomatic allows you to experience the Sizzling Slot game experience in the comfort by playing mobile, tablet or desktop. You can now place your bets in the Sizzling Hot online free game.

For players who want to play the slot machine without risking real money, a free demo mode is being offered right now in numerous sites. The Sizzling Hot free game only requires your internet-connected Adobe flash-capable device and a little bit of your time. Instead of real money, you will bet with fake credits. These credits cannot be used for in-game advantage or in the casino that offers the free version. The demo itself is the complete game, so you would have the full experience by just playing for free. But to earn money, you need to create an account and play for real.

Gameplay & RTP

The gameplay is simple; once the symbols in the slot machine created a certain pattern, you win a corresponding amount. The Hot Slots game has five reels and five pay lines. You cannot configure the pay lines and use only what you want. Return to the player or the RTP of the Sizzling Hot slot is 95.65%, which is already higher considering other slots in the industry. Novomatic released Sizzling Hot free in 2003, and it has been popular with online gamers ever since.

Overall, the game uses eight symbols: six fruits, a Star Scatter, a lucky “7” icon for the jackpot. Plums and other fruits have a value of up to 400 points while scatters — 500. Watermelons and blueberries can have up to 1,000 while the lucky “7” symbol got a whopping 10,000. Paylines are the same with other slot machines: three straights and two “v”s.

Bonuses and Features at Sizzling Hot Slot

There are no free spins or small games, and the closest thing you get as an additional feature is the scatter option. It pays the amount equal to times multiplied by the similar symbols that appear on the screen. For example, if four symbols appeared in a winning pay line, your bet would be multiplied by ten.

If you hate manually spinning the machine, there is an automatic betting feature that you can take advantage of. First, you will declare the bet that you want, and the game will do the spinning for you. The Sizzling online slot machine accepts bets in 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 denominations. The higher the amount, the higher the reward, as well as the risk in every spin.

Sizzling Hot has five levels of “fun” when you’re playing the demo version. First is the 0.01 FUN, where you have a balance of 50,000. The 0.05 FUN gives only 10,000 credits while the 0.10 FUN gives 5,000. For level 0.50, only 1,000 is given, with 1 FUN having 500 credits and 5 FUN with only 100. For longer testing, choose the 0.01 while selecting a higher level for more real-life experience.

One strategy used in this machine is to set a minimum bet. After a winning spin, double your minimum bet, while in a losing one, decrease it twice. Just make sure that you won’t be going down your minimum bet threshold.

How to Win

Winning may be very simple or difficult since there is no guarantee of the results that you will get at the end of the game. However, you have to make a good bet which will go a long way in determining the amount that you will win when the game ends. Your bet amount will determine the number of play lines that will be activated for you. Once you are able to match opposite similar symbols, you will earn a win which you can choose to gamble up to five times which means five times more winnings.

The Bonus Feature on Sizzling

One of the benefits of playing sizzling hot online is the fact that you get a chance to win the bonus feature. There is not set or proven the way to achieve this but once you get three and above scatter symbols, hit them and this will automatically take you into the bonus feature.

Get Sizzling Hot for Free

It is really possible to play sizzling hot free of charge on our website. The site presents to you all your favorite slot games that you can play whatever time you wish until you are ready for the actual game or simply for fun. Get to grips with the slot now and prepare for huge wins!

How to Win at Sizzling Hot

Many players start with large bets and then reduce the risk when they start to lose. That's a big mistake and will impact your evolution. Calculate the money you have and continue placing bets that will allow you to continue playing for longer. Opt for medium bets and manage your bankroll like an expert. If you raise the bet after a big win, calculate your risk.


Overall, this slot machine is fun and easy to use. The graphics are simple, but serve their purpose for keeping players entertained. It is made for people who believe that simple games are the best to play. However, for players who want an extra kick, free spins, and mini-games for more variety, this might not be the best game. It's better to play it in mute or in a lowered volume because the sound effects are quite loud.

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