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    Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

    Da Vinci Diamonds Slot Review: A Refreshing Concept – Play for Fun

    As you scroll through the list of games available in online casinos, you can’t help yourself but to wonder, is there a game that doesn’t have the same theme as everything else? Almost every slot machine game that you play have that flashy icon in a dark background, which already bores you out. Davinci Diamonds slot is the game that you would want to play if you want a breath of fresh air from playing other slots. The game packs a lot of features that can be enjoyed by veteran and beginner players alike. You don’t have to risk real money, and yet, you can always try the Davinci Diamond free play. It is a demo version that you can enjoy without risk.

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      Minimum Bet

      1 per line

      Maximum Bet

      5 per line


    DaVinci Diamonds Slot Review

    DaVinci Diamonds is a classic-themed slot machine game that uses unique symbols for gameplay: paintings based on the Renaissance period. Although this is not the fastest slot machines in the world, it compensates by getting a lot of features in just one game. You need to know how this game works to enjoy it fully. But after knowing the rules, the game is easy to follow.

    One of the game’s best features is the fact that the game uses the Tumbling Reels Feature. In this feature, instead of a “spinning” reel, all icons “drop” from the top of the screen. With this animation, some can be reminded of games such as Bejeweled and other matching games. Additionally, if you have a winning combination, all the symbols in that pattern will disappear, and new symbols will fall to fill the gap in the screen. Because of this, you can get more bonuses as long as there are combinations that form on reels.

    Overall, there are 20 paylines used for this game, which is quite a huge number of combinations of a slot machine game. But as expected with more paylines, every spin will also demand more bets, that’s why the minimum bets in the game are 20, but you can amp your bets 15 times for a total maximum bet of 60,000. 20 is the base bet, and some people might find it very intimidating because other slots allow a minimum of 0.10 as a base bet.

    Gaming Experience

    Tumbling Reels are great if you want to have more chances of landing a combo in a significant way. However, because of this animation, gameplay might appear to be slower than usual. Unfortunately, there is still no option to make animation faster, which might be a hindrance for players to fully enjoy the game. Davinci slots feature audio tracks based on classical music, which might not appeal to some of the players. Another thing that makes the game feel “buggy” is the fact that it loads a lot slower compared to other machines. It might be because of the algorithm, which needs improvement.

    However, this game is going to be a new experience for people who have not experienced the Tumbling Reels yet. In addition to the excitement of the initial “spin”, you will have another anticipation for the next symbols that will fall after a win. In addition to this, you can play this game in smaller devices, which is excellent if you want to take your game to your vacation or other traveling matters.

    Symbols – Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

    Overall, nine symbols can appear on reels for each spin. There are gems worth 80 – 100 in their highest bet. Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci also appear in this game, such as the Lady with an Ermine which is worth 300 points. Portrait of a Musician is worth 500 while Mona Lisa has 1,000 points. The highest point worth symbol is the Davinci Diamonds symbol, which is worth 5,000. Wild symbols don’t have points, but they multiply the winnings for each pattern. If you trigger three bonus symbols on a payline, you can get six free spins.

    Special Features and Bonus Rounds – Free Spins

    Davinci Diamonds Slot game is a game of luck and chances. You can get free spins courtesy of Bonus symbol. Fortunately, you can expand this winning moment by getting another free spin. When three or more Bonus points appear during a free spin session, you will be rewarded with another set of free spins. In maximum, you can win up to 300 bonus games.

    In concept, players can maximize their earnings by getting more chances for free. Take note that because of the Tumbling Reels feature, you might have to wait longer, even in free spins. The configurations that you can change are Line Bet which can be changed 15 times and automatic betting which can be found on the right side of the game.

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