Online Casinos have tons of real cash games that players can enjoy. In case you are a fan of slot games, but feel that the new versions are too boring compared to classical themes. One of the most popular games in the UK right now is the “Lord of the Ocean”, was released in 2013 by Novomatic, and it still appears to be quite awesome. It is considered to be a masterpiece of the gaming industry. This game works on a lot of platforms, including Android and iOS. You can play the game on a large screen (like laptops and PCs). The theme of the game is still quite fresh. Lord of the Ocean slot for real money perfectly combines visual graphics, convenient gameplay, and a possibility to win big money. The game has 5-reels, as well as 30 paylines. Some other functions of the game are Autoplay, free spins option, and bonus rounds. In fact, the minimum bet is 0.1£. Isn’t it a good feature to play the game on your computer? 100£ is the maximum bet for the game.

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      Minimum Bet

      1 per line

      Maximum Bet

      200 per line



    Playing Lord of the Ocean is very straightforward. If you already played slots on physical £5 deposit casinos before, then the mechanics must be easier for you to understand. There are a lot of additions that the game has to offer compared to a regular physical slots machine. But even with additional features, Lord of the Ocean real money slot is easy to play. Even people who don’t have prior experience in playing slot machines won’t be scratching their heads while trying to understand game mechanics.

    First, the player needs to choose the bets that he or she is willing to pay in every spin. As of now, the available bet table is 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000. Depending on the player’s risk appetite, he or she can play it safe and start with a smaller bet or get higher earnings by amping up the bet number. Just be reminded that the higher you bet, the more money is getting used up from your balance, so you’ll want to think of a strategy to maximize your earnings.

    The next thing to do in the Lord of the Ocean slot game is to choose the number of your bet lines. You can choose bet lines from 1-10, with 10 being the highest number of combinations possible. It is worthy to note that the line amount usually corresponds to the bet. The fewer your bet lines, the smaller the amount that you can bet. The more pay lines available, the more chances of getting the fastest payout.

    After setting your bet and pay lines, get on the game and spin. There are three types of tiles that the game uses, the first one is the alphabet tiles, which are the most common tiles yet the least profitable in the game. Next, we have the treasure and the merman tiles, which worth 7x more than common symbols. Lastly, you have the Lord and the Lady of the Ocean, which are worth more than 30x and 13x, respectively.

    If you’re a little adventure and want to have more winnings, you can risk your winnings to play a gamble mini-game. You will be guessing the color of cards appearing on the screen: either black or red. When your guess is right, your earnings from the last successful spin will be doubled. Each pay line is read from left to right unless the symbols affected are “scatter symbols”.


    The Scatter symbol is a special kind of tile used in the Lord of the Ocean slot for real money. It creates great excitement in the game because of its special effect when appearing on the screen: substituting for all other symbols to match a pay line. With the Scatter symbol, players have more chances of winning. The Scatter symbol serves as the one that “fills” the gap to complete a winning pattern.

    Another reason to love the Scatter Symbol is triggering the Lord of the Ocean free play. If there are three or more scatter symbols on the screen after a spin, the player can get ten spins for absolutely free. Who would want to receive the highest winnings without having to bet for each spin? Although the scatter symbol can substitute any other tiles in the game, this effect is not valid during free plays. Rest assured that all the fantastic earnings from the Lord of Ocean free spins will all be added in your balance.

    Just like other slot machines out there, you can set your bet to automatic, so the player doesn’t need to do manual betting for each spin. After each successful spin, the player has a chance to gamble the earnings to make it double by playing a mini-game. This is only optional; players can immediately get their winnings if they don’t want to play the extra game.


    Lord of the Ocean slot machine has a nifty feature that is loved by the players all over the world: the Special Expanding Symbol. For each session of free spins, a symbol will be randomly selected to become the expanding symbol. What it does is that it expand its positions for up to three positions. This only happens when a winning pattern exists and that the expanding symbol is within reach. As of now, the game comes with ten win lines, three straight lines, two “v” patterns, two “u” patterns, and three diagonal patterns. As long as the expanding symbol is within the coverage, it will expand regardless of the win line created. This effect only appears within a free spin session.

    Risk is always a part of the game, even in the Lord of the Ocean online slot. Knowing the RTP or the Return to Player is an important part of the game, as it lets you choose games with higher chances of earning. Lord of the Ocean slot machine has a 95.10% RTP, which is pretty high for an online slot machine. This game can give a jackpot of up to 10,000 coins. For the extremely lucky players, you can win a 50,000 coin jackpot if you got five Poseidon symbols with a maximum bet amount.

    The game’s volatility is set to medium to high, which will make every spin interesting because you never know what would happen. As usual for £1 minimum deposit casino

    games from Novomatic, the longer you play, the more reward you can reap in playing this game. If you want to experience the game first hand, you can always play Lord of the Ocean free. The tutorial version can be found in several online sites on practically all best payout online casinos in the UK.


    Playing slot Lord of the Ocean is fun, and that’s partly because of its animation and soundtrack schemes. In every spin, you will hear a piece of 8-bit music which is a reminiscence of something you would play in an old handheld system. The background and most of the colors are blue, which doesn’t give fatigue while looking at the screen. Symbols don’t use bold color combinations which can be confusing for some players. Although the graphics are simple, the game is still not bleak-looking and is still very enjoyable.


    In this game, the return to player is said to be more than 95%. If you’re playing for real money, what you would want to have are free spins. These free spins appear when there more than three of the special symbols appear on the screen. After the ten spins are over, you would likely have big earnings. Upon making this Lord of the Ocean slot review, more than a thousand coins are received every time there are free spins.

    For those who are wondering, you can trigger another ten free spins while you’re at a free spin, as long as there are three or more special symbols. Play at a low bet for a longer period to ensure that you get a positive bankroll. This slot machine is for people who like to feel the thrill of playing these kinds of games. Scatter symbols usually fall generously after 50-200 spins. The more spins you have, the better your odds became in Lord of the Ocean. You’ll have to set your bet between 10-40 coins, as this is the amount that will keep your bankroll positive. If you bet the maximum amount, the risk is high, and you might end up losing more. But don’t forget that you can always put some additional funds to your account whenever you want. Just make use of one of these payment methods as:

    • neteller
    • paysafecard
    • skrill
    • trustly
    • payforit
    • boku
    • paypal
    • pay by sms
    • zimpler
    • apple pay
    • bitcoin
    • pay by phone bill
    • visa
    • echeck.


    A good jackpot is something you can win while entering the game. Various online casinos involve players with bonuses. The bonuses are usually free, though, they are not guaranteed by a casino. Some of the best offers are in Quasar Gaming (up to €800) and MyBet Casino (up to $/£ 500). Don’t forget that you can choose currency of the bonus. There are bonuses that seem to be very low, but you will surely get them — differently from an ‘up to’ bonus that seems impressive, but is not guaranteed in reality. In this light, £10 free bonus that you can get from Sky Vegas Online Casino looks just the thing you need. Bottom line, with all these free bonuses, you can play Lord Ocean with no money spent. Try out free slots real money no deposit in our main casino portal.

    No one underestimates the importance of bonuses, but there is one more interesting option for you! You may enjoy lord of the ocean slot free play, before you put real money at stake. This is not the same as free spins! You can feel the game from the inside before diving into its magic world! No money, it is for free! You may choose any site you like instead of ours in case you will become a fan of lord of ocean free play. What can be better for a beginner in slot game than free practice with a chance of getting real money later?!

    One more feature of the game is the combination of slot and card symbols. They are 10, J, Q, K and A. The ultimate symbol is Ocean Lord himself. Scattered Amulet that brings you free spins is really important, too. Free spins give you a chance to win without betting, though they are limited. So, the hour of betting will finally come. But don’t forget that the main prize — the BIG jackpot — is there waiting for you! If you have any problems with the launch of the Lord of the Oceans, please contact us.


    Overall, this game has a medium to high volatility, which means that the right strategy here is to start slow and gather more money as you spin more. It is a very good online slot machine because of the scatter symbol, which not only makes you win more money but also scores free spins. This is the ideal game for those just starting to gamble and want to enjoy the thrill and the fun but doesn’t want to make huge plays yet.

    Its strongest component is the fact that you can play for as long as you want, as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device or desktop that supports HTML 5. Yes, you can play this game even if you’re traveling or having a vacation somewhere. It doesn’t require specialized software, as long as you have an internet connection and a supported browser, you can play this game anywhere. Another strong component of this game that keeps players coming back is the generous amount of coins that they can get from the free spins, which is quite satisfying.

    If you’re not into a slow-burning game, this game is not for you. Lord of the Ocean, like other games from Novomatic, is one that gets better after a long time. When you finally hit the jackpot or get a huge amount of money already, then stop playing. If you’re not still confident about your skills, skip the gamble option, and take all your winnings to your pocket. If you’re not a fan of the ocean theme, you can play the Book of Ra, another game from Novomatic.

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    Antionette Grier Antionette Grier
    17 August 2017 11:42
    The Lord of the Ocean mobile slot is beautiful and feels like the real land-based casino slot but at the palm of your hand. Just be sure to budget.I got lucky on Lord of the Ocean mobile slot game, so it’s no wonder I’ve rated it fairly high.
    onny Roseman onny Roseman
    14 July 2017 19:19
    If you are a fan of the Book of Ra Deluxe slot, then you will no doubt love the mechanics behind this Lord of the Ocean slot machine. Especially if you love the mystical world of underwater kings and queens.
    SebastianPetro SebastianPetro
    29 May 2017 10:36
    Lord of the Ocean offers enough winning chances to keep you returning, but may detract a large sector of online slots players because the action is low. But if you like that type of game, you might enjoy it.
    CoyHarbaugh CoyHarbaugh
    27 April 2017 18:20
    Manufacturer worked hardly on Lord of the Ocean video slot and the result turned out great and will impress the true connoisseur gamblers.
    Cliff Shah Cliff Shah
    12 April 2017 18:01
    Lord of the Ocean is a brilliant game due to the possibility of that big win. I have to say that this slot is high variance meaning that you won’t get big often though. I normally have to wait a while to trigger the free spins game. Saying that, when it comes, it’s worth the wait (in my opinion).
    RobCutler RobCutler
    28 March 2017 14:52
    The Lord of the Ocean mobile slot is beautiful and feels like the real land-based casino slot but at the palm of your hand. Just be sure to budget.
    Paquette Paquette
    14 March 2017 15:16
    Lord of the Ocean slot is more or less an exact replica in game play as Book of Ra Deluxe. So if you know both, your real choice is whether you want to dive deep under the ocean or raid some mummy tombs.
    Luke Luke
    16 February 2017 18:34
    The first thing that stands out about Lord of the Ocean game is the beautiful presentation on the screen. The symbols are all beautifully designed and feature images such as mermaids and underwater treasure chests.
    Aldo Aldo
    02 February 2017 15:20
    Lord of the Ocean is another example of great online slot. Big winnings and winning chances, beautiful graphics, availability to play for free and without downloads – that’s all about Lord of the Ocean.
    Cruz Flaherty Cruz Flaherty
    18 January 2017 20:28
    Lord of the Ocean slot is enough breathtaking fiction. This is one of the most visually pleasing games ever developed by Novomatic Company.
    Ernesto Kells Ernesto Kells
    06 January 2017 16:26
    If you are looking for a simple, classic slot with a dash of modern features peppered in, Lord of the Ocean is a low-volatility slot with regular small wins that might appeal to you.
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