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    Monopoly Slots Free Game

    Monopoly Slots Review — Overview, Design and Theme, Bonuses & RTP

    Do you love the Monopoly board game? If your answer is yes, then you might also find Monopoly slots enjoyable. This slot is designed by IGT, in partnership with Wagerworks. The game has a lot of versions distributed by different casinos out there. However, the most common version you would find is the Big Event.

    One of the unique features of this slot machine is the fact that you don’t have to wait for bonuses as you can get one anytime you want. This is a significant change in slot mechanics, as most slot machines usually give bonuses when certain events are triggered. Here, the Monopoly slots free spins can be received at player’s preference. Interested? Read on to know more about it.

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      Minimum Bet

      1 per line

      Maximum Bet

      5 per line


    Design and Theme of Monopoly Slots

    The Monopoly casino slots are 3×5 and feature 13 symbols in total. Five common symbols range from 100 to 200 points in x5 multiplier. Silver figures which range from 300 to 1,000 points are also used. Mr. Monopoly himself is a symbol and gives 2,000, similar to the worth of a wild symbol. As per the wild symbol, it can substitute any symbol except Big Event and In Jail. There is a total of 20 paylines that work in the game which unchangeable. The only thing you can change is your stake per line which controls your bet amount.

    Monopoly Slots — Free Game and Free Spins 100%

    Players who want to try Monopoly Casino games can play for free, which is a great way to test the features. The demo will have all the options of the game: free spins, mini-games, and more. You don’t have to spend any real money, but you will also not be able to earn some. All your winnings and your balance in the Monopoly slots free version cannot be cashed out or be used in the online casino site.

    As a gamer, who wouldn’t like to receive free spins on the slot? One of the most frustrating things when playing is the fact that you have to wait for any free spins. In Monopoly slots, instead of waiting, you can have your free spins even before your first spin. You can bet £20, which will instantly give you five free spins with Progressive Win Multiplier. As you use your spins, the multiplier counter increases. Each winning will be multiplied by the multiplier that is currently in your counter, a maximum of x5 multiplier.

    You can opt for the £30 game instead, which offers additional perks. A wheel will decide whether you’ll get Persisting Wild, Progressive Multiplier, or 5 Epic Spins. If you want a one-time great ground, you would be lucky if you get a Big Bet during a Persisting Wild while you’re on 5 Epic spins. All of these features will be described in full detail below.

    Bonuses, Features RTP

    • Persisting Wild — in this game, you will have five spins where more “Big Event” symbols will appear on the screen. Remember that three big event symbols will trigger the “Big Event,” which is an advantageous part of the game.
    • Progressive Multiplier — will give you five spins with a multiplier that increases by one with each spin.
    • 5 Epic Spins — in this mode, you don’t have to use increments. There is a constant x5 multiplier on five free spins given after you place your £30 bet.
    • Big Event — the most profitable part of the game. In this mode, you will choose a card from a property bonus in which you will be rewarded with more free spins. After that, you will select from another set of cards which will give you either wild, dancing wild, or free spins.
    • Persistent Wilds — every wild that falls in the reels will stay until the bonus ends.
    • Dancing Wild — at random, a reel will become wild.
    • Guaranteed Wins — the definite number of wins that are available during the bonus. During a free spin, if a win is registered, the guaranteed wins will decrease. At the end of the bonus, if there is still a guaranteed win left, a different reel set will be rolled. The whole winnings in the bonus round will be multiplied by the result after the different reel set was finished.
    • In Jail — during a bonus round, if you received an In Jail card, a common symbol will be excluded in every spin, which means better symbols will likely fall in the next turns.
    • The RTP of this slot is 96%.


    The Monopoly slots added a lot of kicks and whistles in the game, which might be exciting for the veteran players, but will confuse beginners. Animation and spot are on-point, not slow, and not too distracting. If you want to get the best earnings possible, you need to catch the Big Bets round.

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