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      • How to Play The Lord of the Ocean Slot games

      • How to Play The Lord of the Ocean Slot games


        Author of the publication: Rhys Williams

        Looking to take a dive into the aquatic world? Consider playing the Lord of the Ocean slot games and winning some money for yourself. Novomatic has produced this 5 reel, 40 payline slot game which is inspired, just like its name, by the deep blue sea. You also get to meet some of the gods of the ocean as you game. The beauty of the game lies in how easy it is for you to win some money and enjoy great graphics at the same time. The beautiful blue backdrop that the game is set against is in every way designed to reduce the stress associated with gaming with chance for some people. For others, it is an opportunity to appreciate nature in gaming.

        Prepare to play the Lord of the Ocean

        Prior to playing the Lord ocean game, you should take time to set a betting range. This can be done by opening the menu bar, which is available on almost all of Novomatic games. Once you open that bar, you get to click the bet/line button which allows you to place your bet at anything from 2 to 1000 coins. This is a pretty large range for gamers, and it simply means there is something for everyone. Setting your game at Max Bet means you begin to play with the maximum bet allowed per payline. As usual, the start button allows you to begin playing, and the autoplay feature sets your game in uninterrupted motion for the total number of times you preset it to. This means that you definitely get a say in the number of times your game spins.

        Once all that is set, you can begin to play your game. Once gaming, take time to notice the gamble and the collect feature which gives you the chance to either win double or to collect your cash.

        The wild symbol you need to spot in the game is the very well respected Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. This wild symbol easily substitutes every other symbol in the game except the scatter symbol. 5 wild symbols win you a cool 10000 coins instantly.

        The scatter wins and the gamble feature

        How to Play The Lord of the Ocean Slot games

        In almost all of the Novomatic slot games, you get the chance to double your winnings. This is the same in the Lord of the Ocean game. You do this by simply guessing the colour of the next card to be drawn. It might seem simple but you need to hone all of your guessing powers to get this one right. You get up to 5 chances. A correct guess means you will win double of the money you already won. A wrong guess, however, means you lose all your money and you need to begin again.

        Another symbol you need to find is the ornate gold symbol. It is your resident scatter symbol. This symbol activates the free spin feature in the game. Three of them is what you need to get the free spin feature to be fully activated. You will not only get one free spin. You get a grand total of 10 free spins, meaning 10 fresh chances to win extra cash.

        Taking time to enjoy the sea gods and the deep blue sea itself is a great way to begin your evening. Meet the Lord of the ocean free play in this tantalising game and walk away with more money than you can expect.

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