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  • Starburst Slot Review: GamePlay, Rules, Symbols, RTP

    Starburst Slot Review: GamePlay, Rules, Symbols, RTP

    As one of the most recognizable slot machine games in the UK, the Starburst Slot Machine is becoming a fast favorite for players who have been playing for years or just started in online casino games. Players can immerse themselves with the brightness and shine of the crystals as they try their luck in winning the game. This game is so successful that many slot machine imitations are based on it, according to NetEnt. Starburst free spins no deposit was provided so anyone can get their hands to this game even without using real money. Keep on reading to find out if the Starburst Slot Machine is the game for you. 

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      Minimum Bet

      1 per line

      Maximum Bet

      500 per line


    Starburst Slot Machine – Free Game in Demo Version

    Starburst Slot is a game played by online casino players around the world. This game is being offered by primary and new casino websites on the internet. Many things have been added to spice up the gameplay and make things more interested for the player. Fortunately, you can witness its features without even spending real money. NetEnt and other casino websites are offering a free demo that anybody can play.

    To play the Starburst free play, you need an internet-connected device and a flash-enabled browser. NetEnt is offering a free demo on their official website. “But that’s just a demo, and I want to experience the real game! How am I going to get that in the demo?” The full version of the game is already offered in the free version, so you are not missing out on any features. You will experience the entire game for free. The only thing missing in this experience is earning real money.


    There are a total of seven symbols used in the Starburst game. True to its name, the game uses glinting crystals that burst like stars in the reel. Yellow diamond got a value of 60 points, while other crystals are worth 25 – 50 points. The other two symbols: bar and lucky seven are also used in this game. The bar icon has the highest value, with 250 points while the lucky 7 has 120 points. To win, symbols must form any of the patterns indicated in the ten pay lines provided. With 5-reel, 3-row design, the game is similar to other slot machine games found online.

    RTP or the Return to Player is said to be 96.09%, which is not astronomical compared to the highest paying slot machines in the market. However, this RTP rate is already considered high in the slot machine industry, considering its low volatility. Even beginners would be able to make a decent earning if the focus is really in the game. There are even Starburst free spins that you can get from landing great combos in-game.

    How to Play the Starburst Slot?

    In this game, you cannot modify a number of pay lines that you would want to use while in-game. Instead, you will be able to modify the level of “fun” that goes on with your every bet. There are ten levels in total, with level 1 using ten betting points and level 10 using 100 betting points. Another in-game control player can access coin value, which can get as high as 0.01 to 1. As the coin value decreases, so is coin balance.

    Those who are using the free-to-play version will automatically have a €5,000 as you start. For testing game patterns and setting out strategy, the recommended setting is to set the fun level to 1 and coin level to 0.01 so you would start with 500,000 coins.

    Rules at Starburst Slot

    The rules are simple: make a bet, spin slot machine, and collect your winnings if you hit combinations from pay lines. Only the highest paying symbol can be received, but patterns from left to right and vice versa can be counted. If you want to get coins from this game, you have to convert it on bet level 1. If you’re going to speed things up and make the most significant risk, you can choose MAX BET, which bets the highest amount possible from your bet configurations. For automatic betting, select the autoplay button.

    Bonuses Features

    A bonus symbol called wilds might appear at reels 2, 3, and 4. If this symbol appeared, they would substitute for symbols that are needed if a winning combination is possible. If there are one or more Starburst on any reels, Starburst Wild Feature is triggered. The wild feature adds free spins, which can be expanded if more than one wild appears. In total, a player can trigger a maximum of three Starburst Wild free spins consecutively. This game is simple and does not offer small games or combos.

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