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      • How to Master Lord of the Ocean Slot at 888casino

      • How to Master Lord of the Ocean Slot at 888casino


        Author of the publication: Sarah Thompson

        Slot machines from modern manufacturers are presented in a huge thematic range. Within each topic, very varied stories can be revealed with as many different symbols and locations as possible. Among the whole group of the topic, we can identify several most popular and universal ones. Among them is the theme of the sea.

        Company Novomatic determined a selection of the most relevant subjects long ago, and therefore it is not surprising that in the list of its branded entertainment there is a slot about the sea. Lord of the Ocean is an awesome slot machine, which almost all users know about. It is bright, original and characterized by optimal technical characteristics.

        How to Play Lord of the Ocean Slot

        The licensed slot Lord Ocean will reveal to the users an interesting story about the god of the underwater kingdom Poseidon and his city. The majestic god will tour the amazingly beautiful kingdom, consisting of coral reefs and ruins of ancient settlements. The azure water surface will serve as an ideal location for the entertainment process. The playing field is decorated in a gold carved frame, thanks to which the space for the entertainment process looks more detached and contrast.

        The best games from Novomatic, including the Lord of the Ocean slot machine at 888casino, offer users to play the game on 10 lines and 5 reels. In this sea slot there are special control buttons on the bottom of the screen. They will be responsible for adjusting the bet, lines, as well as activating the reels’ rotations.

        Running spins can take place not only manually, but also through an automatic start. Auto spins in Lord of the Ocean slot free play are rotations, stopping and launching of which are carried out by a slot without user interference. The line and bet her remain the same. The user can abort this mode at any convenient moment. In addition to the buttons for controlling the indicators, there is a payout button on the control panel. Clicking on it transfers the participant to the section with the actual symbols and Multipliers, which are recommended for every gambler.

        How to Gmble Ocean Slots for Money

        Lord of the Ocean Slot at 888casino

        The Lord of the Ocean slots imply the presence of thematically decorated symbols. These symbols are playing cards, treasures, underwater guards and various artifacts. For each element in this marine history, special multipliers are provided.

        At their expense, prize payments of a specific value are formed. In the game, in addition to the standard elements, there is a wild symbol. Its main task is to complement other combinations of different symbols. Due to its versatility, the wild element is considered one of the most beneficial for each player. Also in the Lord of the Ocean free slots there are free spins.

        The stake in the free spins remains the same as at the last standard rotation. Winnings after the end of free spins are summarized and transferred to the user’s balance. An additional opportunity for victory is present in a risk game. The Start button is activated after each bonus match on the field in the standard game mode. Here, the participant can make a choice in favor of the card, and then find out the results of the drawing. There can be 2 outcomes: either the current win is doubled, or completely canceled

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