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  • Rainbow Riches Slot Review — Colorful Big Winnings – Play for Fun

    Rainbow Riches Slot Review — Colorful Big Winnings – Play for Fun

    One of the most exciting slot machines in the online casino world is Rainbow Riches, a colorful slot machine produced by Barcrest. This slot machine features an Irish theme with symbols having vibrant colors and a rainbow in the background. This game is one of the most popular slots in both online and land-based casinos in the UK. It’s not only colorful and attention-drawing but also offers a huge jackpot: £100,000! Check if this slot machine is the one for you.

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    • Released



      Wirex, Portomaso Gaming





      Minimum Bet

      1 per line

      Maximum Bet

      100 per line


    Play Rainbow Riches Slot Game with Free Spins

    You don’t need to pay real money to try this game. There is a Rainbow Riches free play that lets you check all the features for free. Barcrest made this available to a lot of online casinos worldwide. Not only that, the free demo already includes all the functionalities of the game. Ran out of money while testing? Just refresh the window, and your balance will also be refreshed. However, you can’t exchange your winnings from the demo.

    For general information, the Rainbow Riches slot has a massive 20 paylines available. Each slot that appears in the 3×5 reel is generated randomly. Besides, your earnings from multiple paylines (if you happen to get multiple wins) will be added together. Note that only active paylines will be counted in the winning bet. For example, if you disable the other ten paylines, patterns from the disabled ones will not be scored in a win. Return to a player or RTP rate is reported to be 95%.

    Overall, there are 10 symbols in total, being used in Rainbow Riches. You have the alphanumeric symbols which range from 5 points to 7.50 points. Alphanumeric symbols are the most common symbols that appear in the game. Next, we have the Wild symbol, which is worth 25 points while the Rainbow Riches symbol is worth 12.50. And last but not least, we have the event symbols: the Leprechaun one triggers the Road to Riches event, the logo that triggers the Wishing Well event, and the pot of gold to trigger the Pots of Gold event. When you get three same event symbols on the screen at once, the corresponding event will take place.

    How to Play at Rainbow Riches?

    First, you need to set your desired paylines to the amount that you’re comfortable with. After that, you can place the bet per line that you’re willing to risk. The total bet will appear in the next window. When increasing the bet per line, your total bet would also increase. If you win, your total winnings will appear in the window. All the valid winning paylines will be shown on the screen. Overall, the maximum bet is £500 with both the paylines and bet lines maxed out.

    Bonus & Features

    1. Road to Riches

    Road to Riches is an interactive mode where the player chooses a trail that reveals a stake multiplier. But to go on with the trail, you need to spin a wheel to collect your bonus.

    2. Wishing Well

    Meanwhile, the Wishing Well event is almost the same as the Road to Riches. The only difference is that there is no more need for spinning the wheel because the player will choose wells to reveal a multiplier.

    3. Pots of Gold

    Pots of Gold is the combination of Road to Riches and Wishing Well. The player will spin a wheel, which has a choice of bronze, silver, and gold pots. After the spin, the player will get the multiplier from the selected pot.

    Unfortunately, if you’re looking for Rainbow Riches free spins, there is none in this game. These interactive bonuses are the only ones that the game features. The stake multipliers are better because you’re guaranteed to receive a bonus, as well as avoiding missing winnings. Another feature of the game is the auto-betting mechanism if you don’t want to place your bet for every spin manually.

    How Can I Win on Rainbow Riches?

    One of the techniques that can increase the chance of winning in this game is to control your bets. Keep this in mind when you should increase or decrease bets because most symbols are randomly generated. This means that in this game, the prospect of “hot streak” might not exist. It’s better to stop when you have enough earnings. Make sure to take advantage of the free Rainbow Riches demo provided to familiarize yourself with the game, as well as to make doable strategies.


    Rainbow Riches is popular with online casino players, and that’s for a good reason. The bonuses are simple, and you don’t have to think about ways to make more because the game offers multipliers instead of free spins. Additionally, all your winning paylines will be counted, not only the line with the highest number. This is only applicable if the payline is active.

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