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  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot – play for free in demo mode

    Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot – play for free in demo mode

    The Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot is one of Novomatic’s greatest hits, released in 2010. This game with plenty of action for the gamblers who enjoy the pure experience of playing. Its updated online version has conquered a great number of players worldwide and has all the potential of becoming one of your most favorite slot games It is a video slot that rides on the waves of old school slots, featuring five reels and five pay lines. The slot is so simple that playing feels like meditation, at least for the most part. But then, from time to time, you get to be awakened by a shocking win.

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      Minimum Bet

      0.4 per line

      Maximum Bet

      100 per line


    Theme and Storyline

    Sizzling Hot Deluxe is a classic game with a small imprint of modern style. It feels like one of the old classic movies that have been remastered and released to the public.

    Starting from symbols: cherry, lemons, melons, lucky sevens – everything has the classic vibe. That same vibe is felt in other aspects of game-like gameplay, odds, sound effects, animations, and graphics. The lucky 7 is the highest winning symbol and one that can bring the highest payout. The size of payout depends on how big your bet is. The five-point gold star has the duty of the scatter symbol. Three or more scatters can bring you a considerable prize.

    Gameplay at Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot

    The Sizzling hot online gameplay is so simple that there isn’t much to be said about it. Just press a button and you either score a win or lose. There aren’t any wild symbols, no bonus rounds to be triggered, no free spins, nothing.

    The only, somewhat modern concession is whether you choose to go with a double or nothing feature when striking a win. That way, a player can increase his/her variance. But even that is not more complex than a simple red/black card game when a player needs to predict next drawn card. Just that this time, instead of someone shuffling cards manually you got a random number generator.

    Graphics, Sounds, and Animations

    Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot graphics are great and have enough touch of the modern so that they don’t downplay the minimalistic atmosphere of the game. The classic flair is represented quite well in the design and plays well with a simplistic design.

    All animations are in high definition and feel smooth. Then there are clunking noises that feel like you were spinning a real machine somewhere on Las Vegas strip. And of course, there is a classic bell sound that fits perfectly with everything else and hearing it feels right. The graphics, the sound effects, animations, are in perfect harmony and serve their purpose as they supposed to.

    Bonuses and Free Spins

    This section is one of the shortest because there isn’t much to be said about it. All players have is the scatter feature that can multiply the bet amount for three symbols, ten times over for four symbols, and fifty for five symbols. The sizzling slot deluxe slot is not for those always looking for the type of thrill provided by free spins and massive bonuses.

    RTP and Variance

    The Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot comes with an RTP of 95.66% and is followed by high-variance. The game doesn’t like to give too much, most of the time just four times the betted amount. But when it does, it will hit you with a huge win, one that will go way out of the park. You can start betting for as low as $/£/€0.10 and as high as €/£/$50.00.

    Double the winnings with sizzling deluxe!

    The symbols and rules of sizzling deluxe are the very definition of simplicity. That is why it’s so appealing to all the nostalgic players out there. The symbols are all fruit, except for the scatter symbol (the star) and the Lucky number 7, the one worth keeping an eye on. Apart for this, there are no bonus games, no free spins, no wild symbols – this is what professional gamblers would call an “uncomplicated” setup. Which is pretty much enough for those of you who enjoy a simple game with great graphics. You can bet on every line from eight to two thousand credits with the maximum bet of ten thousand.

    A great feature of sizzling hot deluxe online version is the double gamble button. Whenever you score a winning combination, you get the chance to double your winnings. If you win, you can double it again; and there you are, spinning in a winning circle. Be careful, though, because if you pick the wrong card, you will have to start all over again. But they don’t call it a “gamble” for no reason, right?

    Play sizzling hot deluxe on your desktop, mobile or tablet

    In order to play this fruity slot game on your computer, there is no special software you need to install, which makes the whole experience of gambling even more pleasant. Furthermore, there are plenty of sizzling hot deluxe online free versions you can try out. How does that sound? On our website there is a free demo available, as well as a sizzling hot deluxe download for your mobile or tablet. Not to mention that the Austrian gaming giant, Novomatic, has released the game in various online casinos. So you can push the right button right from the comfort of your house., for example, comes with a bonus of €500 cash match while comes with a bonus of €250 cash match. Basically, almost all of the big online casinos are offering bonuses, which makes the betting even more attractive. Playing this game is as it simple as it could get, but that doesn’t make the whole experience monotonous. The colorful symbols and joyful jingles of are a reminiscence of the traditional experience of playing video games. On or website, you can also play sizzling hot deluxe free of charge.


    The Sizzling Hot Deluxe might look like a simple slot, and there is no learning curve. However, this game seems to have its own pace. A pace that you need to feel first before putting your money in play. The best way to have a feel of the slot’s dynamics is if you play a sizzling hot free game. The slot can be played in free demo mode, and you don’t need to put any real money bets. Most online casinos allow Sizzling Hot Deluxe free play for those that want to test this game without putting any money on the table.

    Old school players love it for the same reason many new players dislike this slot – it is a simple game! If you don’t like getting lost in complicated bonuses, free spins, various combinations, you won’t find any better game than this Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot.

    But then again, even if you love original parts and flashy bonuses, it all comes down to your luck. If it is your day, you will be able to win big whether you are rolling with Sizzling Hot Deluxe or some other slot. The only difference is that with this slot, you get to relax while playing.

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    Wesley Salazar Wesley Salazar
    13 June 2018 17:35
    Sizzling hot deluxe is a very straight forward game and it is so easy to understand the mechanism of how the paytable works. All prizes are for combinations from left to right. The Sizzling Hot Deluxe Scatter Feature will help you win even bigger.
    TraceeReyna TraceeReyna
    23 January 2018 10:56
    The lowest payout for a 5 of a kind combination here is 40x the total stake, while the highest is 1.000x. If you want a bit more action, it's possible to gamble any win you get during each game round. This gamble feature has no house edge, so it's a true 50/50 chance if you win or not.
    LonaArthur LonaArthur
    21 December 2017 18:10
    Similar to other games from Novomatic’s deluxe collection, this slot has an established classic feel that is improved on with enhanced graphics, a gameplay that is more extensive and more features. The original Sizzling Hot focused more on the reels action of the gameplay and this is carried through to this revised version.
    IolaGodsey IolaGodsey
    29 November 2017 11:30
    Looking for a complicated slot machine game with tens of bonuses, features and free spins? Well then, Sizzling Hot Deluxe is definitely not for you. Sizzling Hot’s simplicity does not reflect on winnings however, there is consistent amount of money to be won, in fact deluxe Sizzling hot online is one of the most rewarding slot games.
    JolieOleson JolieOleson
    27 October 2017 23:05
    There aren't too many additional features to speak of. Obviously, the fact that all icons are stacked is very handy because it can mean one or more reels become filled with the same icon.
    AletheaKo AletheaKo
    24 September 2017 21:07
    If you choose to play Sizzling Hot Deluxe, you can rest assured that you will be experiencing a part of slot gaming history. While not the most feature packed slot ever, the game is still highly regarded by players around the world in both its land based and online slot forms.
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